Industry Experts

  • Light 'Em Up: Advances in Lighting Capabilities

    Matt Johnsen

  • Simultaneous Interpretation

    John Kendrick

  • It's not Always a Big Meeting

    Joyce Inderbitzin

  • Charting Mobile Apps for Events

    Corbin Ball and Matthew Donegan-Ryan

  • Bringing New Ideas to Fruition

    How Meeting Professionals Can Implement Their Innovation

  • Engaging Your Audience Using Social Media

    with Jim Spellos and Nicole Prentice Williams

  • John Chen - Gamification

    What Every Meeting Professional Needs to Know

  • Learning from Millenials

    Maria Meschi and Jillian Mendoza

  • Corporate Social Responsibility

    How do we define corporate social responsibility

  • How Meetings and Events Benefit Local Communities

    Todd Demorest, Christine Shimasaki, Katie Hand-Miranda

  • Peggy Hemphill - The Future of SMM

    What Every Meeting Professional Needs to Know

  • Business Revival in Columbia

    Corbin Ball

  • Building a Better Community

    Tips for Every Meeting Professional

  • High Speed Internet Access

    John Rissi, Michael Owen, Todd Walton

  • Trends That Will Change Your Tomorrow

    Trends today's leaders think will change your tomorrow

  • Paul Whitney - The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

    How Las Vegas has changed and what the future holds

  • Using Technology

    New ways of using technology to engage attendees

  • Lancey Cowan - ARVO

    Evolution of a planner's role

  • Amy Pfeiffer - Walt Disney World Resort

    Collaborating for successful meetings

  • Betsey Bondurant - Bondurant Consulting

    The Practice of Strategic Meetings Management Program (SMMP)

  • Lauren Lucas – International Society for Technology in Education

    Meeting Technology Trends

  • Sherrif Karamat – PCMA

    The vital role of meetings to organizations of all types

  • Janee Pelletier - Conference & Logistic Consultants

    Adding value in the planning process

  • David Dubois - IAEE

    Extending the life and reach of events

  • Richard Green – Marriott International

    More interactive, more strategic meetings

  • Rob Scypinski - Hilton Worldwide

    Defining value of meetings and events

  • Mark Theis - Starwood Hotels & Resorts

    Importance of event technology and venue partnership

  • Relevant Presentations

    The importance of emotional flow and relevancy in meetings.

  • Rituals

    Efforts to create ritual can humanize the meeting experience.

  • Evolution of the Meetings Industry

    Gus Vonderheide discusses where the industry stands now.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility

    Research and technologies that will deepen engagement.

  • Meetings are a Growth Engine

    The value of face-to-face meetings in businesses

  • Events are Marketing Channels

    Leveraging technology to support the live-event experience.

  • Face-to-Face

    Event marketing is about planning for interactions.

  • Affecting Change

    Planning allows bringing people together to affect change.

  • Customer Advocacy

    David Kliman discusses why planners want to partner with the supplier in meaningful ways.

  • Effective Arguments

    Roger Rickard discusses how leaders and members can make an effective argument for their cause.

  • Meetings and Events Education

    Janet Sperstad explains why planners should expect stiffer competition from the better-educated.

  • Focusing on Core Objectives

    John Nawn discusses focusing on core objectives.

  • Meeting, Business and Event Competency

    Amanda Cecil discusses the formation of her task force.

  • Efficiency in Meetings

    Chandra Allison discusses the importance of efficiency.

  • Pride of Ownership

    Effusive of Harry Rosen, Leslie Menichini disuccses the organization's pride of ownership.

  • Golden Age of Adoption

    Corbin Ball discusses how technology helps attendees achieve their main objectives for attending.

  • Leveraging Technology

    Jeff Rasco discusses the importance of watching technology and how to leverage it in registration.

  • Content Management

    Kelly Crockett on how to manage content at events.

  • Jeff Thredgold

    What to expect in these troubling times with Jeff Thredgold.

  • Member Experience

    Willie Benjamin and creating the member experience at meetings.

  • Millennials and Meetings

    Younger attendees' expectations with Ushma Suvarnakar.

  • Mobile Event Applications

    Importance of mobile event apps in meetings with Patrick Payne.

  • Minding Your Business

    Max Suzenaar and driving meeting business in many ways.

  • It's Not Business As Usual

    Mary Byers and the challenges facing meeting planners today.

  • Moving Mountains

    Jamie Clarke and leadership, project management and more.

  • Dynamics of Change

    Gregg H. Talley and the levels of engagement and the dynamics of change.

  • Managing Celebrity Speakers

    Diedre Ross and managing celebrity speakers.

  • Hybrid Meetings

    David Basler discusses the business value of meetings.

  • Independent Event Planners

    Opportunities in the new economy with Charles Massey.

  • Creating Revenue for Events

    Getting people into your exhibit halls and creating a profit with Cathy Nash.

  • Going Green

    Reducing your carbon footprint in meetings with Amy Spatrisano.

  • Global Meeting Strategy

    Kati Quigley and the Microsoft Meetings Playbook and CSR.

  • Training Trends

    Trends among hoteliers, planners and suppliers.

  • Meetings Technologies

    How to enhance meetings with technology with Johnnie White.

  • Ensuring Relevant Content

    Bringing many elements into large association meetings.

  • Fulfilling Audience Expectations

    Donella Evoniuk and audience expectations in meetings.

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The Intersection

  • Captivate Your Audience

    Sam Horn

  • Meetings Mean Business

    Cathy Tull, Richard Harper, Michael Massari

  • Increasing Exhibit/Sponsor Sales and Value

    Donna Kastner

  • Technology Friendly Venues

    Dena Kaufman

  • Most People Don't, and Why You Should

    Bart Berkey

  • Claim the Second Screen

    Brent Rogers, VP, Digital Services, PSAV

  • Viva La Mobile App

    Matthew Donegan-Ryan

  • Digital Tribe Building and Storytelling

    Kristy Casey Sanders

  • Tradeshow Technology

    Anne Bailey

  • Not your Grandpa's AV

    Sky Cunningham

  • Neuroscience Applied

    Janet Sperstad

  • Wi-Fi and Venues

    John Rissi and Todd Walton

  • Corporate Planning

    Trends to watch for in 2013-2014

  • Modern Mobile Apps

    Mark Ligda, PSAV

  • Redesigning Your Meeting

    Greg Van Dyke & John Folks

  • What's new in near-field communications

    RFID, smart badges, ARS

  • Audiovisual for the Smaller Meeting

    Making a greater impact at smaller meetings

  • Michael Doyle - Virtual Edge Institute

    Complement your face-to-face meetings with virtual events

  • Audience Engagement

    Engage your on-site and remote audiences.

  • Designing Meetings for Millenials

    How Millenials communicate in meetings

  • Increasing Job Efficiency With Technology

    How planners are using tablets, phablets, and other technology

  • Neuroscience of AV and Learning

    AV is an art that can create lasting memories.

  • HSIA

    What is it, Why it Matters, and What you should know

  • Production 360

    Create an unforgettable experience for attendees and extend the life of your event.

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