Designing Meetings for Millenials

The Intersection

  • Captivate Your Audience

    Sam Horn

  • Meetings Mean Business

    Cathy Tull, Richard Harper, Michael Massari

  • Increasing Exhibit/Sponsor Sales and Value

    Donna Kastner

  • Technology Friendly Venues

    Dena Kaufman

  • Most People Don't, and Why You Should

    Bart Berkey

  • Claim the Second Screen

    Brent Rogers, VP, Digital Services, PSAV

  • Viva La Mobile App

    Matthew Donegan-Ryan

  • Digital Tribe Building and Storytelling

    Kristy Casey Sanders

  • Tradeshow Technology

    Anne Bailey

  • Not your Grandpa's AV

    Sky Cunningham

  • Neuroscience Applied

    Janet Sperstad

  • Wi-Fi and Venues

    John Rissi and Todd Walton

  • Corporate Planning

    Trends to watch for in 2013-2014

  • Modern Mobile Apps

    Mark Ligda, PSAV

  • Redesigning Your Meeting

    Greg Van Dyke & John Folks

  • What's new in near-field communications

    RFID, smart badges, ARS

  • Audiovisual for the Smaller Meeting

    Making a greater impact at smaller meetings

  • Michael Doyle - Virtual Edge Institute

    Complement your face-to-face meetings with virtual events

  • Audience Engagement

    Engage your on-site and remote audiences.

  • Designing Meetings for Millenials

    How Millenials communicate in meetings

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  • Increasing Job Efficiency With Technology

    How planners are using tablets, phablets, and other technology

  • Neuroscience of AV and Learning

    AV is an art that can create lasting memories.

  • HSIA

    What is it, Why it Matters, and What you should know

  • Production 360

    Create an unforgettable experience for attendees and extend the life of your event.

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